Welcome to the Park

On Ischia island one of the biggest and widest succulenten plant collections in Europe.

Recognized by the Tourist Commission of the European Parliament and Council of Europe observatory “for being the most distinguished activity in southern Italy, in the area of tourism for environmental and social enhancement”.

A fascinating journey through the greenery to discover surprising scenery and rare and precious botanical specimens.
A rich collection of cacti and succulents cultivated outdoors, constantly enriched with new species from all over the world, the result of the naturalistic passion of Giuseppe D'Ambra, and embellished with the extraordinary presence of the Woolemi Pine, the most sensational discovery of the century. In amongst these botanical rarities, peacocks, goats and ponies can be found. Exhibitions of local artists and craftsman to be admired in the gardens, an intertwining of art and nature.
A special reality for enthusiasts and experts, perfect for families and ideal for those looking for a place that can satisfy both intellectual curiosity and the need for relaxation and amusement.
The special atmosphere of the Lounge Café within the relaxing surroundings of the garden and the curiosities to be found in the cactus bazaar, complete this unforgettable experience.

In 2006, the garden Giardini Ravino was born out of the courage to put a dream into reality, in details, that is to give a long-lasting home to cell culture. Giuseppe D’Ambra, a seaman travelled all over the world and a great aficionado of succulents and cacti, as of palms, all the time came back from his voyages with the bags full of seeds and scions of rare plants, one-of-a-kind in Italy and Europe.

The mild climate of the island Ischia und possibly the south-western exposure of Villa Ravino’s ground, were the reason for the extensive growth of the plants and allowed their reproduction easily and unique in sort and amount.

That’s how the D’Ambra’s decided to show to the public this treasure that involved so much dedication, devotedness, sacrifice and patience. Directed by the father, Christoph and Luca, enabled by a genetic and inherited passion, with which they were born and grew up, created a botanical garden that is open to the public; an initiative that might appear a bit unusual, but by having a closer look, one sees the uniqueness and the success of it.

An enthusiastic challenge, that also has to consider environment-friendly considerations as economical ones; today Ischia is one of the most frequented touristic destinations in Italy, with a potential that easily compares with other European centres, as with worldwide famous destinations.


When you visit our Gardens

keep your entrance ticket

not only as a souvenir of a hopefully pleasant visit

but also because, in case you would like to come back to us

to taste our famous

Cactus Cocktail

you could enjoy free entrance to our Gardens  

and just pay your drink!


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