Moby Dick hall


When the gardens we decided to host, or rather, when the gardens have asked to host the art in all its most famous aspects, we felt immediately in debt space always from the noblest discipline. This led us to create an area that could initially offer, reserve and guarantee: enclosed spaces, wall units, but more than anything else an inspiring environment for the artist and made her feel at ease, welcomed, welcome. We hope to have succeeded! From an old cistern comes out a white room, gathering and sea-view. In an organic architecture, spontaneous, this room evoke the belly of a whale. In the spirit of the garden, the construction includes an original tale of passion and love for what he does and more than anything for what you want to offer. fundamental concept for anyone lends to dell'opitalità field.

Since 2008, the room Moby Dick, has a seasonal program made of events, exhibitions, conferences, venissage, and much more.

Here on this page we are listed the exhibitions program and that made ...

The room "Moby Dick" is well suited to relax or to be prepared for small workgroups if you are interested continues here ...

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