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Villa & Giardini Ravino, an exclusive shooting location

A new service rich in charm has been added to the palette of Villa & Giardini Ravino: thanks to several fashion designer and photographers we discovered one more aptitude of our Resort!

Though astonished at first, we succeeded in looking around from a different perspective and discovering that the natural environment around us gives birth to a thrilling alchemy with fashion.

ischia shooting location

Truly, the Botanic Garden Ravino highly attracts image artists with its extensive and exclusive collection of succulents – including some cactuses more than ten meters high – along with many trimming tall trees and numberless aromatic plants and flowers. As a result, our garden is not only a healthy green lung but also an outstanding natural show rich in thrilling chromatic effects, often changing according to season.

In addition, gorgeous small bridges, lanes and benches harmoniously located in the natural environment: Each corner, perspective and glimpse offers unique shots of great visual impact, thanks also to the intense light of Ischia.

Furthermore, at Giardini Ravino art plays a significant role: along the whole path are distributed valuable wood and stone sculptures of various sizes.

ischia shooting location moda

Our aparthotel close to the Garden ensures comfortable apartments where to relax and rest after a working day while enjoying impressive natural surroundings and the beneficial thermal water of our pools (constantly available for our Guests).

Such a microcosm, such a unique and exclusive ensemble turns out to be a strong attractor for commercials, fashion photo shoots, music video and movie trailers.

Among the numberless reasons to choose Giardini Ravino a special mention is deserved by its strong identity. In a few words: they cannot be confused with any other place so that your brand, product or message can find an effective, powerful channel to reach your target audience.

Contacts for further information and customized quotes: +39 081 997783, +39 349 3510938 (also WhatsApp) or luca.dambra@ravino.it | info@ravino.it 


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