The exclusive Cactus Lounge Cafè

Early in 2005, we completed our Lounge Bar situated in the heart of the garden. This Mediterranean style facility offers a number of different seating areas, both in and outdoor (including on the roof). Here you can have breakfast with homemade desserts too and in the evening enjoy the scents and sunsets whilst tasting an aperitif.

In green ambience of Giardini Ravino we serve freshly prepared light lunches every day in a warm, cordial atmosphere, a small breakfast selection as well as freshly prepared juices and teas. Enjoy the finest Italian coffees and fresh pastries at our spacious Coffee Bar. In the open kitchen area our dishes are prepared quickly and freshly in front of the guests' eyes. The diversity of the range is based on curative, regional and seasonal ingredients and combines prudent sustainability with modern nutritional philosophy.

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