Ravino Ecolodge

Welcome to the Ecolodge B&B VILLA RAVINO, a beautiful resort with self-catering holiday apartments on the island of Ischia, an enchanting place lying in the heart of the Mediterranean and renowned for its volcanic origins, unforgettable landscapes and a marvellous climate all over the year. 

Among numberless must-see places on the "Green Island" we would like to mention:

  • some impressive sand beaches such as Citara, Maronti and San Pietro

  • several romantic bays (most of them reachable just by boat) such as Cartaromana, Sorgeto and San Pancrazio

  • two atmospheric historic villages (Ischia Ponte and St. Angelo)

  • important museums such as Villa Arbusto in Lacco Ameno, the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusa in Lacco Ameno too and the Sea Museum in Ischia Ponte

  • unique monuments such as Castello Aragonese, Torrione and Tower of Guevara

  • the outstanding Museum & Garden "La Mortella" in Forio, created by Sir William Walton and his wife many decades ago.



Typically local restaurants boasting the excellence of the Mediterranean gastronomy, wine growing, nightlife, horseback trekking, sea sports, and attracting shopping opportunities add further fascination to your vacation on Ischia.

A cradle of art, the island hosted personalities of great culture and humanity such as Bargheer, Auden, Stendhal, Ibsen, Neil Little, Enrico d'Assia, and Luchino Visconti. Moreover, many local painters and sculptors exhibit in various galleries on the Ischia island.

Among Ischia’s special attractions Thermal Parks (such as POSEIDONNEGOMBO), deserve a special mention: thermal pools at different temperatures, saunas, Kneipp pools are nestled inside luxuriant gardens equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, private beach and wellness centres where alternative and avant-garde treatments and therapies are available in highly relaxing surroundings. In this stunning scenario, you will also find an idyllic setting for thermal cures and wellbeing treatments.

Naturally, a handful of trips to the pearls of Campania will enrich your holiday with visits to the outstanding cultural and archaeological sites of PompeiiHerculaneumVesuvius, as well as to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri.

We all lead a lifestyle in which free-time has come to represent total luxury. And free time means holidays! An important and essential experience for everyone, particularly effective in helping to rediscover one’s vital energy.

In virtue of this concept, we are glad to propose an innovative type of holiday, fulfilling in every aspect, able to link nature, culture, entertainment and relaxation. One of our most successful programmes, called Going Around Gardens, is ideal for nature lovers, for those who are passionate about rare plants, for those who are enthusiastic about culture, art and crafts, music and for those who feel quite lost in the ups and downs of life and need to dedicate free-time to themselves and their equilibrium.

A stroll in the tropical Mediterranean park to discover some botanical rarities, water features and natural sculptures, the thermal pools, the Turkish bath, relaxing massages, homeopathic, herbal and aroma therapy, inhaling the wonderful scents of the Garden of the Simples, Yoga sessions under the stars, live music concerts: All in a family atmosphere, casual but attentive, welcoming the guests to make them feel at home.

It is solely up to us to choose how to use our free time.

Ischia belongs to the Campania Region. The nearest Airport to Ischia on the mainland in Naples is AEREOPORTO DI CAPODICHINO 

Over 50 charter airlines operate flights from more than 40 European cities. All of the most important European tour operators offer enticing package tours to the Campania area known for the hospitality of the local residents and the quality of the services for tourists.

The property Ravino was proud to win the prize awarded by the European Parliament and Council of Europe Observatory for being the most distinguished business in southern Italy, in the area of tourism for environmental enhancement.

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