Sunset Aperitif

Secret Aperitif by closing Port after Garden opening, from 7pm to 9pm June, July, August and September.

How it works:
Only by calling at: +39 3480126352 or +39 3294983923

we come and open the gate for you!


An evening under the stars... some good live music...

Are you looking for a truly exclusive place to spend a special evening wrapped in an atmosphere that blends different cultures?
In Forio d'Ischia the Cactus Lounge Cafè, an exclusive finger food bar nestled in a tropical-Mediterranean garden, is what you are looking for.


Already at first glance the Cactus Lounge Cafè is really unique. It is surrounded by a botanical park, Giardini Ravino, which houses a collection of unique fat plants in Europe and can be visited all year round. The locale is a set of different ethnic and Mediterranean styles that blend, thus creating a relaxing and regenerating environment. One of the most interesting features is the possibility of renting a small privée on the open air roof, furnished in an original way, where one can spend a few hours savouring appetizers and tasting cocktails in a romantic and private setting: Dream of a Summer Night, reminding us of several Salvatores' films such as Puerto Escondido or Mediterraneo.

In July and August a wide schedule of live music events, especially on Wednesday and Saturday with jazz, rock, country and Bossa Nova performances. Tempting organic finger food and exclusive cocktails based on cactus seeds available in our garden, along with local wines and hot beverages make these music evenings even more attractive.

Above all, the atmosphere is relaxed, informal and friendly, so that our Cafè is ideal for pre-evening aperitifs frequently accompanied by live music too.  

Giardini Ravino, which host the Cactus Lounge Cafè, located on Via Provinciale Panza in Forio on the west coast of Ischia, are definitely the place to regenerate while having a good time in deep touch with nature.

Tradotto dalla rivista internazionale "Exclusve hidden club" Summer edition luglio 2007

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Monologando, evento teatrale IV Edizione.

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