Schedules and Opening Days

From March, 25th 2024 Giardini Ravino can be visited every day 10:00-19:00, except on Tuesday and Thursday



Full rate € 10.00
Children from 6 to 12 years € 5.00
Children under 5 years free of charge

Guided tours, starting from 16.00 Euro p.p.
(groups of minimum 8 people)

For groups and guided visits
phone: +39 3294983920


Guided tours (min. 8 pers.) available on request, also with Cactus Cocktail and/or light lunch included.





- Since the '60s of the last century, Giuseppe D'Ambra is the author of the unique succulent collection kept at Giardini Ravino. Captain D'Ambra is not only a competent person on succulents but also a man who dedicated his life to take care of these plants, a practise which ensured him a special expertise. As a result, his explanations are exhaustive and exciting, thanks to his ability to involve visitors with his storytelling which turns out to be pleasant also for those who are not really passionate or expert about botany. 


- Each guided tour can be enriched by tasting the Cactus Cocktail, which was created by Luca D'Ambra, the second-born son of the Captain, who brilliantly makes good use of the remarkable production of cactuses' fruits and seeds by Giardini Ravino and gives birth to a unique, tasty and refreshing beverage exclusively available here, both in its non-alkoholic and alkoholic version (the latter with some tequila, the Mexican liqueur extracted from the agave, just to stay on succulent topic! 

About us

Giardini Ravino is a Mediterranean-tropical botanical park where one of the widest collections of Europe's succulents live: They are the astonishing result of the long-lasting naturalistic passion of sea Captain Giuseppe D'Ambra, who came back from his numberless jouneys with lots of plants, seeds, cuttings... His rich succulent collection (cultivated outdoor) is constantly enriched by new specimen coming from all over the world. 

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