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Celebrate your wedding at the Ravino Gardens!


Impossible to deny: Our extraordinary Botanical Garden never stops to amaze us!

The happy kingdom of succulent plants, after turning out to be an evocative setting for live musical evenings, theatre performances and book presentations and revealing itself as an attraction for fashion shoots and videos, once again confirms its versatility, transforming itself in the ideal setting for your wedding party.

The exclusivity of the natural vegetation architecture, the thousand colours of the plant world, the magical contrast with the sea that can be admired from all corners of the garden, the record height of the cacti (up to 10 m) and the colourful flowers that cacti produce, the peacocks that have found their ideal habitat in the Garden and the mysterious sculptures on stone and wood along the way...

Each piece gives birth to a mosaic, in which the bride and groom fit in harmoniously, choosing nature as the unique setting for their Special Day. Magicly, romantic atmosphere, colours and scents mix in a highly evocative ensemble.

But in the Giardini Ravino green lung there is also another flower: the Cactus Lounge Café, a stage for events but also a comfortable refreshment point both for Villa Ravino guests and Garden visitors. In its large outdoor spaces, in the midst of delicious succulents with the most unpredictable shapes and sizes, next to the small waterfall that falls into the pond or on the higher side areas, guests are distributed during wedding parties, first admiring the famous red sunset of Forio, and then, when the sun completely plunges into the sea, looking at the starry sky.

ravino garden wedding location

This is how the wedding parties at the Ravino Gardens develop. Each time different, exclusive, unrepeatable. Because the atmosphere is every time unique, thanks also to the wishes and needs of the bride and groom, which differ from time to time. And, thanks to the fact that many of them come from other regions of Italy and sometimes from abroad, the requests are often unusual or particular, thus representing a source of pleasant challenge. Consequently, it almost seems that every time the location is renewed, thanks to the decorations, the distribution of the tables and the different perspective of the event organization.

Naturally, food and wine also play a key role, alongside the charm of the Botanical Garden, to whet guests’ senses and offer them an experience of complete and profound pleasure. The most popular formula remains the buffet one, where the various service tables with their succulent assortment of culinary temptations are distributed in strategic, impressive panorama points, thus allowing all guests freedom of movement throughout the botanical park and the discovery of trees, plants and flowers, mostly rare and in any case exotic.

The wide range of menus offers the opportunity to choose between combinations based on seafood, land, vegetarian or mixed specialities, prepared with great attention to the quality of raw materials and the happiest combinations with wines and prosecco, thanks also to our rich, appealing cellar.

celebrating at ravino

On the other hand, Villa Ravino takes care of guests from the mainland or abroad, with its usual attention to guests’ comfort. The apartments of various sizes, always equipped with a terrace or balcony, warmly welcome them, so that all the services aimed at weddings can be enjoyed in the same place, including the swimming pools, always very popular and able to add cosy scenarios for the wedding album.

It is always exciting to perceive their admiration for the environment created ad hoc: Their energy, represents our most significant gratification, which pushes us into raising the bar of our performances, in order to achieve new, ambitious goals.

A harmony of equipment and services, organization and careful planning, always based and built on the seductive beauty of the Ravino Gardens and the warm hospitality of Villa Ravino.


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