Villa & Giardini Ravino and its green soul

Giardini Ravino is a botanical park of acclimatisation on Ischia hosting the widest European collection of succulents on its surface of 6,000 square metres, made by Captain Giuseppe D'Ambra in more than fifty years of deep passion and framed by lush Mediterranean flora. Year after year, new plant specimens coming from all over the world enrich and enlarge this green heritage, while the already acclimatised plants become more and more majestic: Giardini Ravino’s location towards the sea and excellent exposure to the West ensure their best adaptation to the environment as well as growth, while the sunset light enhances their sculptural shapes and colour contrasts.

Thanks to its green spirit and business wisdom, Villa & Giardini Ravino was recognized by the Tourist Commission of the European Parliament and Council of Europe Observatory in 2010 “for being the most distinguished hosting activity in southern Italy, in the area of tourism for environmental and social enhancement”.

Furtermore, since 2013 Giardini Ravino belong to APGI "Associazione dei Parchi e Giardini d’Italia" (“Italian Association of Parks and Gardens”), which collaborates with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism as well as other Italian bodies and associations having similar purposes.

Next to Giardini Ravino, and linked to them through the multifunctional Moby Dick room, lies Villa Ravino, the aparthotel with the same green soul. On its surface, surrounded by an additional garden and topped by a giant cactus (more than 10 m tall), are located its apartments of various sizes, all endowed with equipped kitchenette and balcony or terrace. Two thermo-mineral water pools give further charme to the resort.

From the very beginning, a pioneer on Ischia of the eco-tourism concept, at Villa & Giardini Ravino actions speak louder than words:

  • at the beginning of the ’80s of last century it took place the installation of solar panels on the roof – one of the first on the whole island – producing hot water for all the apartments;
  • in 2010 photovoltaic panels were also added, producing electricity for the whole aparthotel;
  • since many years it recycles the thermo-mineral water of its pools, which is daily replaced and used for the toilet flushing in the apartments;
  • some more important actions, such as supplying of mineral water exclusively in glass bottles and Ravino’s written and verbal communication with its guests, targeted at enhancing awareness towards eco-sustainable behaviour, complete the range of choices made by Villa & Giardini Ravino in the name of environmental protection.

Furthermore, several partnerships with foundations, associations and universities boost its socio-cultural profile:  

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