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GENERAL TIMETABLE   www.traghetti-ischia.info  

FERRY=TRAGHETTO  (passengers,  cars) from NAPOLI & POZZUOLI  for ISCHIA PORTO or CASAMICCIOLA:  60-80 minutes www.caremar.it / www.medmargroup.it

HYDROFOIL = ALISCAFO (only passengers) from Napoli : harbour Molo Beverello  

40-50 minutes  to   Ischia Porto / Casamicciola / Forio    

We pick you up if you disembark in  Forio, call as on arrival 39 081 99 77 83  and kindly wait near the  Hotel Villa Carolina, in front of the pier. Max. 4 persons.

www.alilauro.it / www.alilauro.it / www.snav.it / www.caremar.it / www.medmargroup.it     

Cost of the ticket :   Aliscafo / hydrofoil   € 18.-- + luggage  /  traghetto /  ferry about  €  10.--   

Click here for all link to the AIRCOMPANY that flights to Neaples airport

Arriving by air: Upon arrival at Naples airport, you will need to go to the harbor: MOLO BEVERELLO where  is  the   HYDROFOIL (aliscafo) service to Ischia, or  to PORTA DI MASSA,  for the ferryboats.  There is  the public  (blue) ALIBUS  to the harbour Molo Beverello , 20-30 min. ( to pay in the bus) which has 1 stop at the railway station.

To reach the ferry-port PORTA DI  MASSA: we advice to go by taxi.

www.alilauro.it      www.snav.it      www.caremar.it   The  taxi  costs  about  25  € .


Arriving by train:  Arrived in Naples, the taxis are outside of the station.  Ask to go to MOLO BEVERELLO or

PORTA DI MASSA.   ca. €  15.--

Attention: do not let the cabman feel that you are the first time in  Naples,

otherwise he might  do a sightseeing with you around the city.  Just say that you are in hurry:

We organize the Transport from the airport  or  train-station  to Villa Ravino.


CROSSING the Bay – Villa Ravino

Please bear in mind that the last ferry boats for Ischia  leave Naples at  21.55 h  (check timetable)  from Porta di Massa. We advice to go there by taxi.  For a late arrival kindly inform us. Whether you eventually disembark at either Ischia Porto or Forio, you will need  to take a taxi to your destination: Residence Villa Ravino, Via Provinciale Panza,  Forio,  or,  with little luggage the public bus  Nr. 1 /  2  /  CS , your stop :  Distributore IP (petrol pump IP )  we are 50 mt further on, on the left side. Little short  steep way up to us. 

Or the next stop, in front of the botanical garden “GIARDINI RAVINO”, you enter through the garden, (closed on Tuesday and Thursday and from 19.00 h on)

The island bus service is good, with frequent buses to all the main points of interest.

Single tickets € 1.20 available in the Villa / 1 week tickets Monday-Sunday € 12.60 to order. Car-hire is reasonably priced.

Arriving with car : to embark in Napoli or Pozzuoli:

POZZUOLI: after the A 1 (autostrada) take the TANGENZIALE destination.  Follow  the road signs (many  exits for the City). Your  EXIT is NR. 12: VIA CAMPANA. turn  right,  through Pozzuoli, (downward)  until you are on the seafront.

ATTENTION: the passage to the harbor is not well marked, and the ticket office  is just on beginning of this way.                           

You need the logbook for the ticket. The cost of a car is appr.  € 70 - 150..-- one way, includes the driver. Other passengers have to pay extra.                              

Reservation advised for Saturday arrivals/departs in high season: www.medmargroup.it / www.caremar.it   

Online tickets centroprenotazioni@medmarnavi.it   or phone ..39 081 3334411

NAPLES/ PORTO DI MASSA : exit from the A 1:  AREA PORTUALE : The  traghetto ( ferryboat ) leaves  from   PORTA DI MASSA, entrance  along the harbour-road. Last ferry at 21.55h  (to check )

Ischia – Villa Ravino: Disembarked on the Island,  take the right side on the main-road.  Passing through Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno.  When you have the historical part of Forio on the front, with the little harbor on your right side,  turn left,  following the road as far as to  the Petrol station IP , ca.1 km . We are a few meters further on, on the left side, Attention: little short steep way up to us.  Parking 10 mt  before the house, on the right. 

Or, with a  very big car; in front of the GIARDINI RAVINO-entrance.

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S.S. 270 Citara - 80075 Forio d'Ischia (NA) I ITALY - Tel./Fax +39 081 997783 - Email : info@ravino.it