The Dream of the Captain 3/3

On September 15, 2005 the Giardino Ravino was inaugurated and the whole family was seized and delighted from the deepest of hearts, as well as all the splendor of color which is already fascinating, as well as a place that is so exotic and elegant, in the warm atmosphere and with this familiaeren Receiving!

The real season began for the new botanical garden on April 1, 2006 - after months, it was beginning to emerge where the whole thing would develop: a place for lovers of botany like dozens of citrus fruits, old plants with aromatic air, varying blossom plants, Palm trees, a collection of bonsai (we reserve the possibility to offer a tour of this ancient art), nymphs - in the water in the western part, coffee plants, tea, sugar cane, soap. And, of course, the extraordinary collection of rare cacti And succulents, and other precious things grown over the decades by Giuseppe D'Ambra; And: the Giardino Ravino is also the exclusive seat in southern Italy for the Wollemi Pine, a plant registered in the international list for the protection of the environment and particularly valuable in its species (Act.1999), also in the species conservation list (Act 1995); A plant which has been extinct for 200 million years and which was discovered in 1994 in Australia; There are fewer than 200 specimens in Italy; The Giardino Ravino has become an active center for studies and scientific research.

A place for lovers of animals; A family of peacocks dwelling in the garden; Behind a fence a female pony lives together with a Tibetan goat; The barn family inhabits a rabbit family - just as it is customary in the local tradition - chickens, rare parrots, and - and this is really exceptional - above us in the open sky, lots of pigeons who have decided to make the garden their firm Residence.

A place for the friends of art and local handicrafts; We make artists and artisans in the garden (the distinction, in our opinion, is a pure matter of the Encyclopaedic definition), which establish a connection between the theme of labor and the earth, nature, the region, and thus unfold its power. In the Ravino Bazar, a small space right at the entrance to the park, which is also used as an entrance point, where a large selection of products is sold, serving as a platform for things that make living more beautiful and for recipes of local cuisine: Plants, wines, confitures, various honeys, bods and briquettes in various forms, books and publications of ischian publishers, ceramics, cloths and embroideries, glazes and terracotta; Every single product you find here has been selected and brought here by the concept and idea of our tradition, handmade, and has thus been found a place in a corner in our bazaar.

In the garden there is individual or group lessons for young and old about the ancient art of the passionate masters of the traditional craftsmanship;
A place for friends of true pleasure; In the Giardino Ravino you will find a selection of local wines - since ancient times, Ischia has been famous for its production - together with "delicious" fruits of the first choice, each of our peasants have been lovingly treated; In the Giardino Ravino it is also possible to eat: tempting pasta dishes or to order a sumptuous buffet;

A place for friends of good life, culture and friends of social exchange; In the Giardino Ravino there are various cultural groups as well as the Cactus Club; Groups that have chosen this peaceful place to meet and meet ...; The Giardino organizes private parties, events, performances, readings, courses of different nature and other things, which are the result of the imagination of the visitors;

A place for the friends of quality music, especially in the summer, when jam sessions, performances and concerts of lyrical and acoustic music take place here, not to mention the exhibitions of the local folklore; There is a stage for young artists looking for an audience that appreciates and appreciates their art;

A place for friends of different remote disciplines to relax; To the general well-being; In Giardini Ravino, individual and group lessons are held in Hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation, in the open air, with a mandala, vipassana, tai chi, exercises according to Feldenkrais method, Reiki, Bach flower, rune, Irisdiagnosis; We also offer massages and beauty treatments; A place where different new movements are taking place that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the inner balance. The D'Ambra family offers a suitable environment for all the different people who move in the "gravitational field" of the garden and is deeply convinced that the natural forms of coexistence that has developed less aggressively and invasively than we have live today; It only takes a few small steps in the everyday to change and deal with what is decisive in the battles in the social environment to which we are all exposed.

The story of the Giardino Ravino is a short story, but an intense, "young" story told by the Passion and the enthusiasm of a new generation of idealists who have studied and seen the mechanisms of the world, To apply themselves for their ideals and to strive for the reconciliation of man with nature, with all its expressions.

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