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From May 1 to May 31 2017 the Ravino Gardens in Ischia will be introducing the event Antonella Tomei, Verde Oltre Mare, an exceptional art exhibition of 18 paintings showing the dialogue between a characteristic chromatic impact and an impressive location, including the artworks in the frame of the same Nature that helped to create them.

The exhibition, curated by the artist herself with the help of professionals who had been involving for years in the evolution of her creativeness, represents an extraordinary chance to appreciate the richness of a real organic blooming, the distinctive mark of an ascending/descending sensitivity that goes far beyond the subject's description to recreate it, definitively, on the surface. A vibrant, living matter harmonically put in an environment that sings with the botanic and mineral inspiration lying beneath each painting.

The whole experience enfolds our vision on a sensory level before let us descending into the deepness of our soul, suggesting us a dense imagery of living forms, a swarming forest of chromatic counterpoints. Art and Nature interact with a common horizon on the background, catching the eye of the observer, captured it in a vortex of impressions that appear to be almost tactile.

Antonella Tomei is an Italian painter and interior designer. She lives and works in Latina. The trademark of her artistic path is a personal chromatic interpretation of the traditional techniques in compositional balances. The use of large canvas or panels emphasizes the colors pattern that seems to flow in free shapes. Her classical studies, along with the knowing of the rules of interior designing, transform themselves on the paintings surface, opening a new dimension with no spatial limits, thanks to the chromatic movement that goes beyond the boundaries linked to the support.

" ...Verde Oltre Mare is a way to play with the right words…like blu oltre mare, not the “ultramarine blue”, but an “overseas blue”, that becomes the “overseas green”. It is perfect if we think about the species of tropical plants that came from over the sea, too. Ischia is also called the green island, and the plants collected in these gardens are the same that came from overseas countries... "

The opportunity to introduce such a powerful exhibition finds in the Ravino Gardens the ideal genius loci, the most suitable location. The Succulente, the Carnivore, the Velenose, the Minerali series, Acqua and Terra, along with the three Rane that live with them in this scenario, endlessy growing, are paintings that show the magic of the artistic creation while playing the contrasts and the harmonies of the infinitely small and the immeasurably huge. These artworks “are” the frogs, the plants, the minerals with the same name in the titles. And they are waiting to meet our glance, breathing in anticipation.

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