Luxury, calm and pleasure


Time as ultimate luxury,
The calm of a non-scheduled stay
The pleasure of the sun, the sea, the warmth of thermal water,
of the lush vegetation of a botanical park,
on a island with overflowing of nature and culture.
Villa Ravino: An invitation to travel worthy of Baudelaire!

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Pool space

Are you looking for the ideal place to spend your working holiday?

Teleworking at Villa Ravino: see our offer here

Are you looking for a quite winter on a mediterranean island? We are promoting a unique price for winter long stay lodging.

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ischia residence

An island with its well-rounded sea!

On Ischia you can contemplate the rising of the sun from the bay of Cartaromana, overlooking the Aragonese Castle, "suggested by the BBC as one of the 10 must-see places at all". 
Or you can let yourself inspire by the sunset behind the Mediterranean "Soccorso Church" in Forio. continue...

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