Ravino, Ischia island

Sixteen years ago, the garden Giardini Ravino was born out of the courage to put a dream into reality, in details, that is to give a long-lasting home to cell culture.Giuseppe D’Ambra, a seaman travelled all over the world and a great aficionado of succulents and cacti, as of palms, all the time came back from his voyages with the bags full of seeds and scions of rare plants, one-of-a-kind in Italy and Europe.

The mild climate of the island Ischia und possibly the south-western exposure of Villa Ravino’s ground, were the reason for the extensive growth of the plants and allowed their reproduction easily and unique in sort and amount.


Lodge villa and self catering Aptms. Villa Ravino
This is a unique concept on Ischia, fusing a lodge house with an extravagant garden. This garden, along with the mature areas around Villa Ravino, is the result of 35 years of great passion and loving work of Signor Peppino, the owner of the Villa. The exotic trees include palms, olive, lemon and orange. Cascading over the walls, pergolas and terraces are grape vines as well as numerous flowering climbers - providing a multitude of rich colours. A speciality of Signor Peppino are succulent plants and cacti. These are abundant throughout the garden and obviously thrive in the Ischia climate. Throughout our scent and colour filled garden are paths and steps to let you wander through and take in the serenity.


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