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The Giardini Ravino winners of To the Ravino property
the prize awarded by the " osservatorio The award happening takes place
Parlamentare europeo On Friday 6th Agosto at 9:30pm
e delconsiglio d'Europa "
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Ischia " the Green Island".
The Giardini Ravino winners of the prize awarded by " the European Parliament and Council of Europe obesrvatory".

On the 6th of August, in Forio, the prize giving ceremony. This year, the OPE prize, awarded by the transport and tourism committee, to the Giardini Ravino, situated in Forio, on Ischia  Island ,for being the most distinguished business in southern Italy, in the area of tourism for environmental enhancement.

The Giardini Ravino are, as a matter of fact, a tropical, Mediterranean botanical garden, situated on the western slopes of the island, which has one of the most  vast collections of succulents , commonly known as cacti, in all of Europe.  A  heritage of over 5000 specimens, with more than 400 different species, some of which are over a hundred-years-old and others extremely rare, including approx. 200 cycads, palms and musacee.
The collection is the result of a gathering of specimens done by the Marine Captain Giuseppe D'Ambra over more than 50 years during his travels in South America. This enabled him to put together an immense botanical heritage which is perfectly acclimatized amongst the xerofite plants of the Mediterranean flora and which creates a colorful and fragrant  background for the sculptural shapes of the cacti.

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The Ravino Gardens have been created in compliance with traditional local architecture and with the use of local materials, but also paying special attention to the accessibility for the disabled, and  represents an extraordinary oasis of bio-diversity, which offers an excellent location for evocative art-exhibitions, local craft and photography, editorial reviews, theatrical shows, slide-shows, concerts, conferences and conventions, creating a genuine cultural promotional centre.
The Giardini Ravino do, above all, pay careful attention to social and environmental themes.
They now have a consolidated relationship with " Doctors Without Frontiers". The garden hosts initiatives by " Legambiente ", " Italia Nostra" and "Slow Food" . It's the seat for the  Solidarity Purchaising Group (G.A.S.) "Megalesia" and for the " Tommaso Cigliano " Association, which aims to provide knowledge of homeopathic medicine.
Moreover, the Giardini Ravino are active members of the recently formed consortium created to develop the environmental safeguard both as a economical resource and for a better quality of life.
In conclusion,  the opportunity of the award proves how the island of Ischia is not only about hydro-geographic disorder and unlawful building, but also about environmental respect and the enhancement of a eco-sustainable tourism.

For Contact :
Elettra Carletti,
responsable for cultural Events in the Giardini Ravino,
Tel./mobilel. 329.4983924, e-mail,

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ischia arte ischia evento ischia evento
ischia arte ischia evento ischia evento
ischia arte ischia evento ischia evento
ischia arte ischia evento ischia evento
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S.s. 270 I Forio d'Ischia I Na I Italia
Tel./Fax +39 081 997783
wireless @ system through the property.

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