Archivio Carbone

In Ischia the Giardino Ravino will host a selection of vintage photos of the Carbon archive of Naples.



Cleaning and flattening
cleaning interventions, consolidation and flattening of the photographic originals in order to restore the optimal conditions for the stability of the object.

The restoration
of film restoration attacked by fungi and bacteria
Fungi and bacteria are installed on the silver layer and destroy the image. It will carry out a careful examination of each photographic medium waves separate the contaminated pieces. The latter should be entrusted to a specialist restorer, who will proceed to fungicides, insecticides and bactericides.

The conservation
the preservation of the material according to the ministerial standards activities: inclusion in conservative packaging suitable for storage in storage materials that exceed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) as described in ANSI standard IT. 2 1988. They must therefore comply with the following criteria: high cellulose percentage (over 87%), neutral pH (around 6.5-7.5), low sulfur content, neutral ligand, free of lignin and metal particles, acid, peroxides , formaldehyde and harmful agents arising from sticking.




The photo Riccardo Carbone archive consists of about 500 thousand negative, in addition to some thousands of prints and glass plates.
The documentation collection covers a time span between the early twenties and the beginning of the seventies and refers mostly (but not exclusively) to the reality of Naples and Campania. This publication was produced in the course of collaboration between the photographer Riccardo Carbone (1897-1923) and the daily newspaper "Il Mattino" of Naples.
In his profession of photojournalist Richard Carbone it has documented, through the various political phases that have characterized the history of the twentieth century, the main local and national events. It is a very rich, and largely unexplored, iconographic source for the reconstruction of the history not only of Naples, but the entire country.

The Association Riccardo Carbone was born in 2016 in order to preserve this important heritage and make it available for online consultation (see the project in detail).
The negatives are subjected to relentless degradation processes caused by environmental factors and are subject to a slow but steady decay. The repeated requests for financial aid to both local and national institutions have been ignored.

We can not wait any longer, the intervention must be immediate but the commitment and charges are considerable.


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