Music at the Garden

The Cultural Association "Ischia Musica" organizes the eighth edition of the Musical Courses, with the patronage of the Municipality of Forio and the collaboration of "Imperatore Travel", Residence "La Rosa", Giardini "Ravino", Ristorante Pizzeria "Ciccio" SIEM Electrical Materials, "Roots" Cultural Association and Forio City Band.

The Ravino Gardens are part of this event by offering the Park as a location for both the Master Class and for special concerts.

Friday 20.30 pm Garden MUSIC WALKING RAVIN with students and teachers at 7.30 pm Brindisi Aperitif Concert offered by SAN SIMONE Winery of BRISOTTO SRL • Porcia (Pordenone)

Courses will take place in Ischia Island between October 15 and 22, 2017, mainly in the splendid setting of La Rosa Park Residence, as well as at other prestigious venues in the island.
The students will also perform at some concerts in the center of Forio.
There are two types of activities: Theoretical Courses and Master Classes.
Both types of teaching are formed by 12-hour modules, and are mainly devoted to students of the High School Musical, Conservatory and High Music Education.
Teaching modules can also be attended by middle and high school teachers, Erasmus Community students in Italy, Pre-Academic and Undergraduate (Middle School Music Instructor) students, but are open to all concerned.
At the end of all activities, the student will be issued a certificate of the course attended with the relevant program.
Promotion for Musical Liceums - For every 12 students of the Musical Licei who will enroll in the 2017 courses, free full board hospitality is offered for an accompanying teacher.
Also remember that for 2017 all members of the Cultural Association "Ischia Musica" will enjoy special discounts and benefits in the main tourist attractions, wellness centers and various shops of Ischia d'Ischia
Who we are
The Cultural Association "Ischia Musica", founded on 18 October 2010 in Forio d'Ischia (NA), is a non-for-profit association which has, among its aims, the promotion and enhancement of art and music music historical and contemporary Italian musical heritage, through study and research activities, study meetings with the musical realities of the European Community countries, organization of conferences, conferences, concerts, artistic and musical events, etc.
In order to achieve its statutory goals, "Ischia Musica" collaborates with Institutions, Conservatives, Italian and Foreign Universities, Entities and Associations; thanks to such collaborations, it can start production and music expression, entertainment, information and cultural growth, organized in its own right, but also within educational and school structures.
Membership projects include the organization of concerts and high-level music training courses (see the specific section), as well as the development of social, cultural, recreational and extracurricular promotion activities of the person.
The activities and initiatives of Ischia Musica are aimed in particular at students, young musicians, enthusiasts and professionals in the historical and interpretative music industry; the association intends to foster the professional figure of today's musician, as well as cultural exchanges between young people and professionals from different countries through the learning of new technologies and the use of electronic equipment in the music industry.
The activities of the association and its aims are inspired by equal opportunities between men and women and respectful of the inviolable rights of the person.

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