2017 Zweitausendsiebzehn

Ravino Gardens: one year more

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A year more, because we have added a unit to the last digit of the current date, and we are now by the 2017.

One year more for MERISTEMA,  the annual conference of Ravino Gardens, these's the Xth edition, celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of Henry D. Thoreau, a transcendentalist thinker, considered one of the most underrated minds in America. So badly known is his name, so great his influence is: Thoreau has inspired Tolstoy, Gandhi, ML King, Mandela, beat generation, folksinger, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith amongst all, filmmakers, like Peter Weir with L ' Fleeting moment, and Sean Penn with Into the Wild. Anarchists, radicals, pacifists, vegetarians, environmentalists, proponents of the happy decline, supporters of the gift economy, and even designers need to thank much D. Thoreau. Son of a pencil manufacturer, perfected the clay and graphite dough that constitutes the mine, so as to obtain a hardness scale for the different pencil graphic uses. He retired to a forest where he built a hut and planted a vegetable garden, living alone with self-production and small barter, or freely trading with the few neighbors. He ended up in jail for refusing to pay a fee to fund the US war of slavery in Mexico and theorized his position in a book, Civil disobedience, which established a clear political practice.

A year more because so many are the "more" that are added this year to the Ravino Gardens.

Photographic exhibition by Gino Di Meglio in April; That of photojournalism of antan of the Carbone Archive in June; In July the world-famous Global Film Festival; In September the institutional exibition of MSF Doctors Without Frontiers. In May, July and August, Moby Dick's room, a spectacular exhibition space of the Ravino Gardens, recovered from an old cistern, will host paintings: figurative paintings by Antonella Tomei, abstract paintings by Gianni Mattera, painted by Paolo De Saints, "the dream painter".

There is the "most" of classical music: the concerts of "Notes on the sea" in July and the "Ischia musica" stages in October, organized by the teachers of the Conservatory of Venice for high school kids, 'Italy and the world.

There is the "most" of the theater: every Friday, from June to September, the company of Corrado Visone will set up "Alice in the Garden of Wonders", freely drawn from Lewis Carroll's masterpiece: the botanical park will be set design and inter-actor .

There is the "most" of the ongoing work: Ravino Gardens is setting up a sensory route where visitors with limited mobility can find full accessibility and those with limited visual capabilities have a more complete experience. But not just them.
The garden concept includes a spatial de-limitation. And that includes the concept of man? The Patriarchs, crazy Abraham, blind Isaac, Jacob lame, stuttering Moses, represent that humanity, created in the image and likeness of God, differentiates it in one aspect, the limit. The handicap is therefore a metaphor recognized by the human condition, who is capable and who is not.

Sometimes, for example, the view is not enough. It is not the vision of Christ to make Thomas believe in the resurrection, but to put his fingers in the scourge of the costume to announce to the apostle: "My Lord and my God!" And so, in the new Ravine Gardens, after the field of vision, they will come to the touch, the smell, the taste, the hearing. The first sense of the senses to develop in the maternal uterus, unique on the entire body surface, is exercised in the vicinity and attests to the achievement. The smell leads to animal nature, works at a distance and causes repulsion or attraction. It is the smell to appreciate the individual flavors, in its qualitative nuances; Taste classifies only 5 great categories, on which it expresses only a quantitative judgment: bitter, sweet, sour, salty, spicy. But taste has its own characteristic: to perceive its object must incorporate it. All religions have at the center of worship the sacrifice of food, whether man to offer it to God or God to man: that nature is God's body in the world is another accredited metaphor. And this body also has a voice that can be heard in the gurgling of the water, in the frustration of the wind, in the fading of the leaves, in the birdsong, in the insect buzz.
And by listening, looking, touching, sniffing and eating this body of the "Deus, gray nature" of the good Spinoza we can discover, with all our humanity, in the presence of the divine. Also at Giardini Ravino11

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