Luxury, calm and pleasure


Time as the ultimate luxury,
The calm of a non-scheduled stay
The pleasure of the sun, the sea, the warmth of thermal water,
of the lush vegetation of a botanical park,
on a island with overflowing of nature and culture.
Villa Ravino: An invitation to travel worthy of Baudelaire!

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Pool space



Upcoming events:

"Verde oltre Mare"

"green over the sea"


Locandina mostra di Antonella Tomei

From May 1 to May 31 2017 the Ravino Gardens in Ischia will be introducing the event Antonella Tomei, Verde Oltre Mare, an exceptional art exhibition of 18 paintings showing the dialogue between a characteristic chromatic impact and an impressive location, including the artworks in the frame of the same Nature that helped to create them. continue...


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